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The world's most advanced GPR sensors designed with simplicity in mind


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The Sensor contains all hardware, with only one single cable to control and power the sensor. Mk6 product series is not available in the USA. Pending FCC approval. Mk4 product series is available globally.

Welcome to Kontūr

Kontur is developing and manufacturing products based on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology. Our innovative equipment and applications have been optimized over more than two decades, but we never stop pushing boundaries with new solutions and products. Constant innovation and continued evolution are in our DNA. Pioneering subsurface insights means continuously pushing the technology, and our mission is to reduce complexity and make GPR data understandable for everyone. Evolving this non-destructive evaluation method has resulted in superior subsurface insights for our users, supporting safe and thriving communities.

Our Vision

”Subsurface insights for safe and thriving communities”​

Have you ever thought about the benefits of having one GPR system that can be utilized in a variety of business areas? Our solutions are designed to be versatile and adaptable, making them applicable in infrastructure, utility mapping, railways, and mine detection. Use the same equipment for a variety of surveys.

One System many Applications

Unrivalled Technology

The system is designed for high-resolution and 3-dimensional subsurface mapping thanks to the use of our sensor arrays together with Examiner ™. The system uses a unique step-frequency radar technology, which is a vital part of evolving the rest of the GPR industry.

Company Brochure

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Trusted Testimonials

Kontur is by far the best system on the market. The system is reliable and always delivers high quality data. The quick and fast data acquisition is complemented by the Examiner software which handles big data files very smoothly.

ATKB, Netherlands - Silvester Ramaker

The Kontur system opened up new markets for us virtually overnight and was very much worth the investment. The system is robust, simple to configure, to deploy, and is supported by a superb software tool

MD Macleod Simmonds, UK - Craig Simmonds

Kontur is a fast and reliable system for aviation. We can collect data for any circumstance, known or unknown at the time of the survey. We can always answer any new queries by changing analysis settings, without the need to revisit these critical and sensitive sites.

Catsurveys, UK - Adam Kovacs - Principle Surveyor