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Pioneering Subsurface Insight

Kontūr is a Norwegian word meaning contour. After studying the subsurface since 2001, we now see the contours of the future. This has led us to develop and manufacture innovative Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology, pioneering the industry. Utilising this non-destructive test method has resulted in superior subsurface insights for safe and thriving communities.

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About Us

Every day, we go to work to develop solutions that will revolutionize the GPR industry. How? By developing products that capture, process and visualize data that is easier for our end-users to understand. Making it available for everyone. Tomorrow, we’ll be at our office again, perfecting the mapping and visualization of advanced data a specialist will love and a generalist will understand.

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Our Mission

At Kontur, we have a mission to develop technology that unveils the subsurface for the world to understand. Thanks to our insights we empower end-users to design long term strategies for the benefit of people and society.

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Our Vision

“Subsurface insights for safe and thriving communities.”

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Our Heritage

We have been looking beneath the surface since 2001. During the last two decades we have obtained data revealing landmines, critical water leakages, barren soils and weak foundations which has led to a safer life above ground, saved tremendous amounts of costs and served critical predictive maintenance for our clients.

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