We use innovative and patented technology unlike any other manufacturer in the industry. Learn more about why our unique system will give you unsurpassed results.

Going Wider - and Deeper

Our system uses multiple channels and frequencies, resulting in more data, wider reach and deeper scans, in one go. Also, you don’t have to choose between high image quality and depth. With our system you get both – using one single antenna. Why settle for less when you can get more?

Car with system componentsCar with system components

System Components

We provide a wide range of accessories, complementing your Kontur system.



Learn more about our products and how our system works.


Our Software Suite has grown. Take a look at the brochure and see how it is all connected.


Step 1 – Capture

Large 3-dimensional subsurface areas are easily and accurately captured using Examiner Collect and the Navigation Assist.

Step 2 – Analyze

Examiner Specialist is designed to assess and analyse 3-dimensional data in minute detail.

Step 3 – Visualize

Examiner Explore presents analysed GPR data in an easy-to-understand way by automatically extracting and visualizing the key information, greatly simplifying reporting and decision-making.

Examiner Explore

Step 4 – Act

Taking informed decisions and actions based on true data is vital to any project. This greatly reduces risk and ensures that budgets and commitments can be met.

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Service and maintenance

Our products are designed for maximum service life with minimal maintenance requirements. Resulting in a more sustainable product life cycle.

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Add value with accessories

Take your Kontur product to the next level, using one of our smart and practical add-ons.