Roads & Pavements

Ensuring a safer and more solid infrastructure for inhabitants, contractors and government.

Add Value to Road Inspections

Road work
  • Data collection at traffic speeds
  • Maintenance strategy based on data
  • Less use of traffic management
  • Fewer change orders in maintenance projects
  • Reduced exposure to field crews
  • Full lane coverage measured in 3D

Typical Survey Requirements

  • Thickness of pavement layer(s)
  • Location and extent of material distress (example: severe delamination)
  • Locations with variation in material properties (example: asphalt segregation)
  • Location (x-y-z) of steel reinforcing (rebar and dowel bar)
  • Location and extent of voids under the pavement (example: rocking concrete slabs)
  • Condition of drainage structures
  • Location and extent of areas with high moisture
  • Preliminary project design field assessment
  • Post-construction quality assurance
  • Pavement forensic studies
  • Post-flood pavement structure condition

Industry-leading Insights

Car wit Air Sensor

Collect wide footprints at full road speed

Collect wide footprints of pavement measurements at full road speed. Our patented step-frequency continuous wave system provides full 3-dimensional data with optimum resolution at all depths.


Analyse advanced data in a heartbeat

Examiner™ – The world-leading GPR software analysis tool.

Get high-resolution three-dimensional pavement analysis and map layer thickness and defects, easily. Thanks to the wide antenna array, you can quickly recognize the geometry and extent of pavement changes.

Users can quickly and easily identify pavement conditions using our cutting-edge analysis tools.


Make informed decisions

Engineers can make important decisions rapidly thanks to real-time geospatially referenced data and intuitive export options.

Recommended Sensors