Collect large amounts of data at high travel speed and detect possible threats before they occur.

Add Value to Railway Inspections

  • High-speed data collection
  • Optimum resolution at all depths
  • Full track width captured
  • Non-destructive maintenance analysis
  • Train or cart mounted
  • Plan maintenance schedules more effectively

Typical Survey Requirements

  • Ballast thickness
  • Base layers
  • Cables and pipes

Industry-leading Insights

Take a look at some real-world examples of Kontur’s technology used on railways.

AIR mounted under train

Offering a flexible integration, the antenna arrays can easily be mounted where required and start collecting data at high speeds instantly.

GPR data

Getting high resolution data at any depth is no problem. Evaluating the data is more rewarding when you’re able to deep dive into characteristics such as ballast depth, fouling and moisture.

AIR sensor in tunnel

Wondering how detailed the measurements are? The antenna arrays work in densely spaced channels which provides you with a highly detailed characterisation of buried rail features.

Recommended Sensors