Utility Mapping

Disclose potential buried hazards and achieve higher detection rate, less construction costs and increase safety – while exceeding industry standards.

Add Value to Utility Mapping

Utility mapping
  • Efficient data collection
  • Produce clear imaging of the subsurface
  • Reduce project design changes
  • Reduce utility strikes
  • Measurements are accurately positioned
  • Find different-sized objects at different depths in one scan

Industry-leading Insights

car with Ground Sensor

Collect data efficiently and provide a dense, high-resolution, three-dimensional view

Our technology lets our users detect subsurface utilities at any given depth. The data is collected efficiently and provides a dense, high-resolution, three-dimensional view of the subsurface.

Our standard ground-coupled array can be vehicle towed and hand pushed.

Examiner map

Explore the data in an intuitive interface

No matter the size of your project, Examiner™ lets you explore the data in an intuitive interface.

Unrivaled positioning, data resolution, and software performance is combined to provide the highest-quality subsurface imaging.


Export in 3D

The detected subsurface utilities can be exported in 3D, ready for drawing production, site assessment and model building.

Recommended Sensors