Bridge Decks

High-resolution, 3-dimensional subsurface imaging with minimal traffic management.

Add Value to Bridge Investigations

Bridge Deck
  • Fast data collection
  • Minimal traffic management with no lane closures
  • Reduced exposure to field crews
  • True 3D data cube

Typical Survey Requirements

  • Layer thicknesses
  • Reinforcement cover, location, and depth
  • Reinforcement health assessment
  • Joint location
  • Location and extent of material distress (e.g. severe delamination and spalling)
  • Locations and extent of variation in material properties
  • Location and extent of voids
  • Locations with high moisture
  • Establish the condition of bridge decks within the network
  • Preliminary project design field assessment
  • Post-construction quality assurance

Industry-leading Insights

Clearly identifiable deck features

Bridge Deck application

Easily export detailed images for reporting

Fast and easy collection with minimal traffic management

Recommended Sensors