Conduct less intrusive subsurface mapping and ensure a safer and more predictive work environment, using step-frequency technology.

Add Value to Mining Investigations

  • Efficient large-scale data collection
  • Qualified data input to safety assessments
  • Enables more efficient machine control and material yield
  • Track layers in the geology
  • Optimal resolution & deep data collection
  • Reduce and optimise coring

Industry-leading Insights

Car with Sensor in mine

Tow the system by a vehicle or integrate it into machinery in order to capture vital information at depth.


Maximise mining yield

Our software platform provides an efficient and intuitive method to evaluate and extract valuable subsurface information.

Mapping layers in this dense three dimensional way, provides a comprehensive understanding of the geological features.

This information can help maximise mining yield, by visualising the volume of the material.

Recommended Sensors