Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Restore earth’s resources


Uncovering the world beneath our feet

Using step-frequency radar technology lets us learn more about objects hiding under the surface. Throughout the history of Kontur, we have provided vital information about hidden underground objects. By learning more about the world beneath our feet we can create safer and more thriving communities above ground.


An autonomous and safer future

In 1997, the UN established the United Nations Mine Action Service, to work towards a world free of landmines. An important part of achieving this goal is by airborne radar mapping which results in fewer harmful incidents and more precise findings. By using drones in the search for landmines, the future looks safer and more autonomous.

People in Africa

Build for the future – with the past in mind

When developing important infrastructure for the future, it is crucial to be aware of past doings. Multiple areas worldwide conceal explosives from wars. Using Kontur’s innovative technology can prevent dangerous situations and ensure a safer building site and a more agile process.

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