Make the most of your investment

Kontur support and servicing options provide care of equipment, support from our team of industry experts and advice in how to utilize the system for maximum benefit.

The Benefits of our Service Module

Scheduled updates

Receive scheduled updates with new additions and tools to get more from your surveys.


Support that is directly from our industry experts. Receive the best assistance in the GPR industry when you need it.

Guidance on Integrating Sensors With Other Survey Systems

Our sensors have a flexible approach to integration. When building a survey vehicle with multiple tools on board, let us join the conversation.

Advise in planning and execution of surveys

Our support team has industry experience and will provide input during the
planning and execution stages of your survey.

Our Service is Unique

Periodic servicing

Periodic servicing of hardware to ensure your system is always in great condition

Ready to help

Our team are ready to help if your equipment becomes damaged

Training and advice

With our support, your team has access to training and advice. Our aim is to create strong, competent, and confident users