Our products AIR, GROUND and DEEP, provide you with the tools you need to collect crucial data and investigate the subsurface. The Mk6 system is not available in the USA. Pending FCC approval.

Product Sheets

AIR Sensor


A true air-launched ground penetrating radar (GPR) sensor array, designed for accurate and cost-effective 3D subsurface assessments.



The versatile all-rounder, handling both near-surface and deep subsurface mapping.

DEEP Sensor


A powerful GPR sensor designed to provide superior depth capabilities in challenging environments.

Why our Sensors Lead the Way


Multi-channel arrays

The arrays consists of multiple closely spaced sensor channels, producing a three dimensional datacube – using only one controller.

Step Frequency

Step-frequency technology

Each array collects data using step-frequency continuous wave technology with user-definable collection parameters.

one cable to connect

One cable connects all

Collecting subsurface data is easier when you only need one cable to connect the devices with no cable length restrictions. Making installation easier and faster than ever.

More about our Sensors

Car showing sensor depth

1. AIR Sensor – Superior resolution at shallow depths, capturing 3D data safely, and at high speeds.

2. GROUND Sensor – High-resolution near-surface 3D imaging with deep penetration capabilities.

3. DEEP Sensor – Exceptional depth capabilities and 3D imaging in challenging environments.

Mounting Options

Front mount

Under mount

Rear mount

Have you ever thought about the benefits of having one GPR system that can be utilized in a variety of business areas? Our solutions are designed to be versatile and adaptable, making them applicable in infrastructure, utility mapping, railways, and mine detection. Use the same equipment for a variety of surveys.

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