Examiner Collect

Specifically designed for optimal data capture in the field.  This application allows the users to tailor the data capturing settings to the survey requirements like depth of investigation, data quality and density, and driving speed.  The embedded Navigation Assistant provides real-time visualization of vehicle trajectory and surveyed area.  Live monitoring of GPS accuracy ensures optimal data positioning. Advanced users may customize collection sequences.

Key Features

Survey Settings

User-selectable parameters control the behavior of the sensor. The options provide configurations based on the survey requirements. The desired depth of investigation, data quality, and density. Setup the connection with external devices, e.g., RTK GPS.

Operational Parameters

Monitor the operational conditions in the collector during the survey. For example, temperature throughout the system, input power and voltage, available disk space for data collection

Advanced Scan Sequencing

It is possible to configure the pairing of a transmitter and a receiver antenna element, and the scan sequence. This can tune the system through changing angles of signal paths. For example, a method to avoid disturbing reflections from railway tracks during a survey on a railroad.

Navigation Assistant

Real-time visualization of the vehicle’s trajectory and surveyed area. Multiple passes and possible overlap are illustrated with color in a georeferenced map view.

Examiner CollectExaminer Collect


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