Examiner Explore

A cloud-based application aimed at asset owners, maintenance organizations and users with little to no GPR knowledge for large projects. Automated analysis provides easy to understand information of asset conditions and suggests areas of interest for further deep dives. The user can create customized high-level quality indexes of their projects. Sharing of information and reports enables more informed, data-driven project decision-making, and optimizes asset maintenance priorities.

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The concept of Examiner Explore

Collaboration and sharing of GPR results made easier. Examiner Explore provides access to the interpreted survey information, without the original GPR data. The survey information is high value and low in data size. This high value information is presented in a georeferenced application where the user can select pavement characteristics to highlight, report and act.

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Intelligent trackers

Visualize pavement thickness, cracking, distress, and voiding using Examiner Explore Trackers. Intelligent tools that provide insights into the construction and health of assets enable asset owners to decide on where, when, and how to act using information captured from the subsurface.

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Understandable results

Subsurface measurements are presented in clear and instantly adjustable maps. Deep dive into the details to view cross sections and statistics for further exploration and reporting of the asset.

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Export and collaborate

Areas of interest can be exported as reports and shared with others to view in the Examiner Explore Application. Invite other team members to join your project and work collaboratively.


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