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Our products Air, Ground and Deep, provide you with the tools you need to collect crucial data and investigate the subsurface.

Why our Collectors lead the way


Why settle for less when you can get more? Our system uses multiple channels and frequencies, resulting in more data, wider reach and deeper scans, in one go. Also, you don’t have to choose between high image quality and depth. With our system you get both – using one single antenna.


Our patented step-frequency technology surpasses any other manufacturer in the industry. Our Examiner™ software is purpose-built to process large 3D data cubes very quickly and allows you to work with your data in three dimensions to extract the features you need.


After collecting and processing the subsurface data, you will get three-dimensional subsurface imaging in high resolution presented in Examiner™. Once you have processed and analysed your data, you can visualise your targets in three dimensions and extract the information you need to create actionable reports.

High-speed data collection and intuitive analysis options provide an invaluable insight into the quality of pavement networks.

Application areas

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Front mount

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