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Pioneering Ground Penetrating Radar Technology
Our system is designed for high-resolution and three-dimensional subsurface mapping thanks to the use of our antenna arrays together with Examiner ™.

The system uses a patented and unique step-frequency radar technology, which is a vital part of evolving the rest of the GPR industry.

What is step-frequency?
Step-frequency is a radar waveform consisting of a series of sine waves with linearly increasing frequency. The radar measures the phase and amplitude on each frequency and uses an inverse Fourier transform of this data to build a time-domain profile (A-scan). Thus, the step-frequency radar collects data in the frequency domain and converts the data to time-domain data through computer processing.

The step-frequency waveform gives the optimum source signature with a uniform frequency spectrum. The computer control allows the user to set the dwell time on each frequency as well as the start and stop frequencies.